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We offer personal, private and profoundly transformative energy sessions to assist with creative empowerment, dream achievement, and self actualization. Each session is unique and addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Using traditional Usui Reiki healing methods combined with Nepalese sound bowls, shamanic journeying, toning, akashic record repatterning, plant medicines and spirit guide communication, we assist with restoring balance for the achievement of a fully embodied being. A session lasts approximately 2 hours and may include energetic extraction, auric repair, breath work, chakra balancing, guided meditation, grounding cord restoration, heart opening and prayer work. Our clients speak of beautiful shifts and blessings that occur soon after our work and we have witnessed real miracles in their blossoming. 

Together we provide over 10 years experience, with consistent training from respected teachers. We practice both together and individually, and we offer both in-person and distance sessions. Please contact us with questions and to inquire about booking a session.