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We offer a sacred experience of ceremonial Guatemalan cacao, or raw chocolate, served as a warm drink. We have experienced the benefits of this gentle medicine in our own personal lives and in our relationship with each other, and we hold space for others to sit with this plant. We brew wild Criollo cacao direct from a Mayan family in Guatemala, and we treat this fruit of the Earth as a sacred gift. 

Cacao has been offered in ceremony for many centuries and is known for its potent healing properties. The Spirit of Cacao is a wise teacher on the path of the inner journey and especially focuses on energies of the heart. She enhances creativity, focus, productivity, meditation, and brings 30% more blood to the brain, stimulating the heart and cardiovascular system. She is a gentle medicine of love that provides a space to cultivate more joy and happiness in our lives, and we are honored to enable others to sit with her.

Please contact us with questions and to inquire about hosting a ceremony.